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(male announcer) live from the bay area here is your kron 4 news >> black friday as office shopping races. keeping our eyes on bay area weather and traffic here's a quick update with america. >> good morning and happy friday it is cold. some locations sitting in the upper 30's pretty where else in the 40's. temperatures should be between three and seven degrees warmer than the seasonal average. we will continue
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>> nice light traffic all around the bay area so far. if you're returning to work are heading out to do some shopping is looking pretty good. here's a live look from the golden gate bridge and it is still a trouble- free commute between the north bay and downtown san francisco. total drive times are still just 821 minutes. no hot spots so the turnout is a good time to head out the door to go do your shopping. >> we will start at paragon outlets and livermore and mike pelton is joining us with an update from there. >> very busy at here this morning. this is actually the food court, a popular place this time of the
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morning. a lot of shoppers are walking around with multiple backs, not just one. we're talking 568 or nine bags. a lot of these stores open up at 10:00 last night. so many people came to the mall so that the mall had to set up a secondary parking lot in the dirt lot across the street. a lot of people said it is the process just to get here. >> it is busy we had the park like two blocks from the open parking lot just to get here. >> we waited and traffic for two hours just to get in here. >> he waited for traffic just to get in the park you not? at >> we didn't even get into a parking lot we had to go to a remote place. >> and that took two hours? >> yes >> is it worth was it worth it? >> it is now. yes. >> management tells me is
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now the times you would want to come out and do your shopping. the overnight people are starting to come out of the mall and as you can see the screen here. most people are still wet, and not quite ready to come out and shop. this is the congress. they're out be it the dabest time to come out ando your shopping. >> let's go from livermore to san francisco. jackie sissel is alive with an update on shopping here. >> good morning mark i am in the west side as an francisco and it is crazy out here. it looks like it is 9:00 at night on christmas eve and new conceal line over here. on the storage is open up a couple of minutes ago. i'm outside the west field mall
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and they opened up at 5:00 a.m. this morning. not a huge crowd inside, obviously some people selling in from other stores. macy's opened up at union square much earlier. the thing that you're really gonna notice if you come out is everybody has a bag. it looks like a lot of people are buying things. some mornings ago my here on these black fridays and people are milling around stuff. the first to come out of big ticket items and then it levels off little bit. it looks like everyone has backed out here though. it is cold and this is an indoor mall so that is good news. as you could see the crowds are big out here. they're expected to get bigger as the morning goes on. >> we will check with jackie with more updates throughout
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the morning. take a look here at macy's opening up its doors at midnight for the first time. hear some of the shoppers going in the flagship store on the left. on the right-hand shoppers lighting up in the bay area at the union city. target in, opened at nine last night. san leandro got a taste of the wal-mart. 30 people were outside to protest the thanksgiving opening. securities were through out wal-mart and outside. the protesters were not wal-mart employees. protests are scheduled to take place to protest early openings and wal-mart's across the area. hist a chilly start to the morning and is also little
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breezy here's a look from our mt. tam cam over san francisco. we will be right back.
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but >> were watching bay area weather, it looks really nice. temperatures approaching the 70 degree mark for the next couple of days. enjoy the sunshine while at last we have a patch of dry weather all the way until tuesday. wednesday
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night especially in the north bay we should see some showers. thursday and friday as well and it looks a little " what this weekend. but we do have a lease five days of sunshine before the storms are backed by the late part of next week. israeli troops have a shot a palestinian man dead this morning. nine others were wounded along causes were friends with israel. this is the first incident of five of violence since the cease- fire two days ago. they're urging palestinian militants to respect the cease-fire. 31 percent support the government's decision to stop 29 percent of israel said to send ground troops to invade guys like they did years ago when the last rocket attack happened. 20
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percent of those polled had no opinion. keeping your eye on wall street, yes wall street opened today. retail is the key to of of the u.s. economy. consumer spending accounts for 70 percent of our economy. shopping trends on black friday may show that shoppers have a stronger appetite for spending over the next couple of weeks. 4% of the retailer's revenue comes from the black friday. at a quick break here as the kron4 morning news continues. beautiful looking around the bay to the moscow may center they're getting and holidays. there spirit. we l
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be back. 0ñ@ñ
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on a quick check from skies seven h d, this is out over livermore right now. this is a pared down out lead that opened a few weeks ago. look at all the cars around and this outlet mall. so many
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people ride it that they had to use the dirt parking lot next door for the overspill. tough parking conditions getting there this morning. a lot of the shoppers are there. take a look here at this chopper shot i do not see a parking space. not one. is pretty crowded out there. as all the bay area malls right now. we will keep checking back in giving you the parking situations in traffic around these malls. live look at the golden gate bridge in san mateo bridge. >> pleasant conditions on tap for this weekend in fact tomorrow could be the warmest of the week. it is looking pretty nice out there, cold right now for everyone had the out to the door busters. 51 in san francisco mid 40's out the door and so oakland and san jose. will warm things up
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into the afternoon future cast four shows 2:00 p.m. 60s is '70s around the bay. around 7:00 p.m. tonight temperatures cool once again with clear skies and everyone is in the '50s. maybe some low 60s along the delta. afternoon highs '60s and '70s in the south bay mom be a 6962 for los gatos and cupertino. they're filled 66 degrees 77 for danville 78 for castro valley and mainly sunny skies and on north bay. seven in santa rosa ocean beach is coming in at 63 degrees and 67 on tap for salmon sale. satellite and radar shows high pressure continuing to build on the west. with that clear skies a dry pattern around the bay area. temperatures will
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start to slide as we start the next work week. 7 day around the bay shows just that. a looks like we could have some rain around the bay area labs of precepts on tap for friday. we could continue the wet weather as we transition into next 6:15 a.s sure whether and now on to traffic with robin. >> in the malls are crowded but bay area traffic and freeways are looking pretty good. it has been delay free all morning. drive times are still under 10 minutes as you work your way out of the oakland a's and out toward san francisco. more cars on highway 92, san mateo bridge between the east bay and the peninsula. we have not had any major problems or how spots along that stretch.
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the ride on a one is doing just fine across the golden gate bridge as you work your way into and out of san francisco. we have had some full traffic often on from 205 on 2580 westbound. is looking much better but if you're headed towards the new paradigm out lead near the old el toro accidaccexit. just love the sun here as you work to way along the 280 i'm sorry this is concord not the south bay highway 68242 are looking pretty good. now the south bay santa clara block mall opened at 5:00 a.m. and it is all trouble-free.
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>> there is a fire in the south bay that turned into a three alarmists 60 bed and firefighter fractured his neck. this left 18 people displaced. the fire broke out last night around 8:30 p.m. in the two-story apartment complex on willow leaf drive. a ceiling collapsed on the injured firefighter. residents also taken to be hospital. places and fell are investigating a shooting at a nightclub that injured two people. they received a call at one morning on club 1 01 on san francisco boulevard. is just off of 1 01. there is a fight and the club that spilled into the parking lot and that is when shots were fired. both victims were men. multiple firearms were recovered from the scene. the men were taken to hospital.
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a family in vallejo is looking for the driver they say is responsible for killing their grandmother. 88 year-old clementine the fyns died after the hit and run accident. she was walking home from a store here just a few blocks of our house. a gold colored car hit her while she was in the crosswalk. the car drove off. the family wonders if the person responsible feel any remorse and wants him or her to come forward. >> the fact you chose to run away and not come forward what kind of a person does that? this person pay for what he or she did with higher. >> they're going around door there are passing out fliers trying to find the driver. if you have any information you are encouraged to call
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the police and he will remain anonymous. the california highway patrol is cracking down on the u. i driving. charles clifford has details. >> from 6:00 p.m. wednesday and 1150 m 11:50 p.m. on sunday night is a maximum enforcement. on thanksgiving day the highway patrol released some statistics on its first day of of for some effort. so far this a statewide eight people have been killed in failed collisions this year. chp also says a 262 people have been arrested for driving under the influence. plaster their three fatalities and 267 drivers were charged with the allies. and the bay there been no accidents and 50 d y arrests. the maximum
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enforcement. at last unsell 11:59 p.m. on sunday evening. >> some thieves in oakland broken to cars on thanksgiving days. several cars longer insurable fared rather mialong ventura boulevard their windows smashed and. >> when a broken cars big mess but nothing was gone. i did not lose anything in my car just book. i never leave anything valuable inside of my car. >> police are looking for suspects for the window bregenz. a live look from the livermore out lealet. it is
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jam packed their this morning. parking is going over to the dirt lot next door. several people said it took them over an hour to find a parking spot this morning. live updates from all malls as black friday shopping is under way. we will be back.
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>> watching like brad and the bay area and also getting pictures from around the country. in chicago shoppers waited for the doors open at this salon.mall. s by macy's and wal-mart opening up at midnight last night. and this survey offers insight into trends that can bring a gift card givers and people would get them the most bang for their buck. >> the gift card game has changed over the last two years. and this survey shows
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consumers still need to be aware of what they are buying. in the lead up to holiday shopping season bank rate looked at 63 gift cards. eight issued by banks and credit-card companies and 55 for retailers and restaurants. general use credit cards were most likely halfies attached. they range from $2.95 to $6.95. fees could be a $3 per month after the first year. the trade-off is more freedom. >> " people like give cards because of the flexibility that you give them. it is limited but there are of fees that come with the cards. >> two-thirds of the issuers said they would replace lost or stolen cards. some places require that you register the retard or have the receipt. 95 percent of the
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cards survey did not have an expiration date. >> another live luck at aragon paramount outlets.ook ate party line is completely filled and spilling out into an adjacent lot right now. -- parking lot there trying to handle the overflow for the new paradigm out lead. we will go and check with mike pelton. we're also add the west failed shopping center with jackie sissel. we will be backed out with
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the kron4 morning news and a bit. waiting for the opening bell on the short trading day. we'll have more on the market's and we will be back.
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>> then tkmart and sears are hoping for positive sales for this holiday season. a lot of people are all at the malls. they are spending and it is 70% of the u.s. economy. this is a strong shopping cell and this is great news for they, may on this black friday meaning that many-- >> i have to keep reminding
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myself that it is 630 in the morning and a crawls are huge out here. i am right audit was filled mall and everyone seems to have a bay. this is video from the inside of the mall and most of the mall opened at 5:00 a.m.. a lot of people took advantage of this. i talked to about three or four people who stated this they woke up at about 11:00 p.m. last night to get to union square to get to the opening. this stated that everyone--a lot of people came out and there are
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window shop in. this will be going on all day and even though it is only 630 in the morning it is still time for you to get out there are a lot of spots in the parking garages and they're doing their shopping. >> our team coverage comes out to livermore at the brand ill outlets that seems to be jam packed. a lot of the overnight shoppers have gone home to get sleep. a lot of the stores opened up a 10:00 p.m. last night. in a lot of shoppers have not left their house for daytime
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shopping so this is a relic of a come. . a lot of shoppers are leaving a multiple shopping bedspread they tell me that they save a hundreds of dollars on james and--they say that it's just not about saving money but just experiencing the timeout. >> how much did you say?. about two lot of dollars. this is a tradition and even if is not really worth said you just have to do it. >> all in all a lot of the shoppers are in good spirits and as for today parking is starting to clear up at the small and it's just already busy. these parking lots were full
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overnight and some shoppers stated that they spent about two hours in traffic just to find a spot. some shoppers are leaving and some of the spas are freed up. if you want to come down this is potentially the best time for you to do that. if these parking spaces are limited and there are expecting more shoppers as the day progresses. >> if you are heading over to the outlet you should go now. >> it is cold outside and temperatures are in the 40's. as we take a look for what's on tap it will be sunny with warmer conditions. as we head into tomorrow highest pressure will stand. we do have some changes to talk about as we head into next week. vallejo
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recently dropped. it is a cold start for the morning and future cast 46 it will be 60's and '70's from the bay. all this blue on the screen would indicate where was the '50s and as will break down your afternoon high mainly sunny skies for the east bay. this would turn our attention on to the north bay 67 for san francisco and 66 for daly city. high pressure is still in control and we will still continue with the drought pattern. you could see fog starting for overnight tomorrow. warmer weather is on the way and saturday after known to be the warmest. it looks like rain
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will be around the bay area for wednesday and beyond. >> so far so good light traffic is all around the bay area so if you are heading out to do shoppings will not see any problems. there is nothing to slow you down. here's a live look outside heading into san francisco. it is busy at the shopping centers and parking lots are for. you may want a car pulled to save yourself some time and it will help you with parking. bart is on their weekly schedule and this is a good option as well. arrest of the bay area is doing fine and there are no problems in the south bay. you're ride on the peninsula is all checking in at problem free. your fall travel chair will become a bit. >> the man accused of breaking into steve jobs house and still in computers as the apple
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caught cofounders while it appeared. he was convicted in santa clara county with eight felony counts of residential burglary. now investigators linked him to this because of seven other burglaries. he apparently targeted homes that were under construction and he confessed up to seven years in prison for it >> oakland police are investigating the 100 intent homicide of the city this year. police stated that they're responding to gunfire when they found a man on the ground dead. they stated that they do not have a mold of or any suspects in custody. if this incident was the 110 incidents so far this year. this is the same total for all ledger as well. >> the city reported the
6:38 am
same number in 2011 during >> will be right back as kron 4 containers. here is a live look from mount cam. there are a lot shoppers out at the stores.
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>> check this out. this is a side that everyone have been balking. if this is the remains of a.m.
6:42 am
rollercoaster that has been knocked off the pier. that may try to leave this here for a tourist attraction. if they have not made a decision of what they will do with it. they want to make sure if this is stable enough and the mayor stated that it will be a great tourist attraction. >> a live look at miami florida this is a warehouse fire that has broken out. they are fighting this blaze and this warehouse fire just brought out a few minutes ago. as you can see it is not big and black and there are a little problem with fire first. >> other stores that we are following a massive pileup that turned deadly in beaumont, texas. authorities say up to 100 people were transported to area
6:43 am
hospitals with injuries so of them died the instead was shutdown for hours in both directions. as you can see some of the cars were literally crushed. authorities say there were no fires despite gas tanks being ripped off 18 wellers on the mass of wreck. a door is a foggy driving conditions may have been the cause of this pilot. >> we will be right back as kron 4 news continues.
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>> this fire at a warehouse in miami. as you can see it just collapsed and firefighters are trying to put the war on the roof of this fire and this is starting to grow right now. this is a live picture that is coming in on our satellite. if this is a fabric warehouse fire in miami. dozens of firemen had
6:47 am
to pull back because the roof collapsed. >> another live look in new york city we're watching wall street and the dow jones is a short trading day. the dow was up 52 points and investors like what they see with shoppers out the malls. the dow was up to $12,889. facebook says said they will take away users right to avoid all major issues concerning the government's of its 1 billion on-line network. the company says that they want to ditch the system replace it with new ways for users to submit questions to facebook privacy team. the company lists two primary reasons for the shift away from digital democracy. facebook has become extremely large, with more than a billion users and is a public see traded company now. >> president obama is
6:48 am
funding advisers have urged the white house to except corporate donations for his january inauguration. this instead of relying on donors to help fund his $1 billion reelection effort. >> it is cold outside and you will certainly feel this. and lot of people stayed indoors and the people that are off for the door busters is 39 degrees in vallejo. it is 44 degrees in livermore and as we take a look at that afternoon high will be in mid 60's. oakland is getting into the mix and santa rosa is climbing into the '70s. it looks like fremont will have an afternoon high of 67 degrees. it will be clear conditions and we did see
6:49 am
some fog formed earlier this morning high pressure is in control and it will continue to build into the weekend. let's walk you through the forecast and there are a lot of changes to talk about. do not be surprised if you see fog rolled through. saturday afternoon looks to be the warmest of the week and you can expect plenty of 70's. we are still keeping the sunshine around. when state night into thursday we are talking about the chance of wet weather. looking at some of the models it look like wet weather will continue into next weekend as well. >> so far so good it is still pretty quiet as you get back to work back to score all to do shopping. let's start out with our bridge check. it has been
6:50 am
light and there has been no delays. the same goes for your commute here. they're more cars on the bridge. but there's still no problems or hot spots to slow you down. the same goes for your connection 411 up to 92. the drive time is still 21 minutes between nevada and best-so far so good if you plan on to head out to stone ridge mall which opened at midnight if the traffic is looking good on 580 in 680. your approach as georgia's find will head over to valley fair which also opened up at midnight. most of them are at--if you plan on going here they opened up at 6:00 a.m. and they're doing fine as well. your
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approach to the shopping center is great but once she gets there gas a different story. the parking lots are full so you may want to car pool to save you time. you may want also consider bart and they are back with their regular weekend schedules. we will keep an eye on any major hot spots. >> a great story out of loss vegas. a military family and lost vegas were just about to celebrate another thanksgiving without their dead who was in afghanistan. that is until he surprised them and came home early. pavin bolinger was there for the reunion. >> he came home through the door and heart beating use it turned into hugs. the
6:52 am
reunion was multiplied as the of the church and came into the room. the mom wanted to create an unforgettable way for her family to get together. military children take a lot. they do not always get the good they get to bed sometime grips this is hard to pull it off but we did it. has done an awful lot and this was a little bit more emotional. >> if they have a lot to be
6:53 am
thankful for because they're all together and for one little girl she was able to look her father the i iraq her arms around him. >> we will be right back as kron 4 continues. coming up at 10:00 a.m. dr. phil has a series on twisted grief. she sees her parents for the first time after she kills someone she was driving. >
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>> the long trip from southern california to loss vegas is about to become a lot more fun. a new data co. is one step closer to
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putting a party train on the tracks after signing a conditional agreement with union pacific railroad last week. the proposed x train would feature an altar lounge, tease for watching sports, and private cars suitable for bachelor party. they hope to get this running by late next year. nasa says that its mars rover curiosity has made a historic discovery. but we will have to wait to find out what is. npr's says the discovery came from soil analyzed on or rovers' sample analysts at mars. the rovers on board chemistry lab. the scientists want to double check the results before announcing what curiosity from. >> coming up at 8:00 a.m.
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black friday shoppers are going in. we will have live reports in san francisco. it is a big day for retail stores and the dallas some of 66 points. a lot you have to get off and we will check your weekend forecast coming up.
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